Meet the Next Top 10 Hawaiʻi Entrepreneurs Joining Our Fifth Cohort

June 11, 2020

Our Story

We created Mana Up to support the Hawaiʻi entrepreneur, with the goal to grow small businesses based in Hawaiʻi with potential to expand globally.  We are excited about the companies we work with because they all make unique products that are reflections of our home community and help to support the economy and create well-paying jobs. Even better, we hope these efforts help to create more entrepreneurs who are willing to take the leap. We offer fun, premium, amazing Hawaiʻi gifts and products at House of Mana Up, but the heart of Mana Up is our accelerator program --  an intensive 12 weeks of workshops designed to accelerate growth of the businesses and create a strong foundation for the future.  We have an alumni program where we continue to support the companiesʻ growth and problem solving. Now the group has grown to 51 Hawaiʻi-based companies!  They are pillars of our community and we are so excited to be part of their journeys. 






Meet The Next Top 10 Hawaiʻi Entrepreneurs Joining Cohort 5

Our team at Mana Up is excited to introduce Cohort 5, which is composed of a diverse mix of founders, products, and industries based across the islands. We are looking forward to working with these Hawai'i founders over the next 5 months as each local company has the tremendous potential to grow while being based in Hawaiʻi. 



Keoki Tavares • Kailua, Oʻahu 

Founder Keoki Tavares began Aloha Elixir as a way to share his passion for healing and using the power of focused intention as a way to help others become their best selves. 






Malia Kaʻaihue & Reyn Mukawa • Mākaha & Mānoa, Oʻahu

Aloha Modern seeks to build deeply rooted designs that uniquely reflect the authentic mo’olelo (stories) of our Hawai‘i. These mo’olelo are placed upon a range of lifestyle products, including microfiber towels, shirts, bags, and more.




Chelsa Davis • Honokaʻa, Hawaiʻi

Ao Organics is a clean, safe, and natural skincare company founded with a passion to protect and preserve our precious skin, our loved ones, and our Ao [earth].







Kimié Miner & Scotty Wilks • Honolulu, Oʻahu 

Haku Collective started as a full-service music, audio, and talent production group, but has since expanded to create an extended product suite offering apparel, accessories, home goods and more.



Lana Gronwald • Honolulu, Oʻahu

Jules + Gem Hawai’i is a locally made candle and fragrance shop created by Lana Gronwald in 2017.  Every fragrance product is created especially for those desiring to reflect on the enjoyable moments spent in the Hawaiian Islands -- whether visiting or living local!




Terry & Lyn Lam • Kamuela, Hawaiʻi 

Born on the island of Hawai’i in Waimea, Kapa Nui Nails produces a complete line of clean and green high-performance nail products for the conscious consumer -- polish, nail repair, and polish remover products that are non-toxic and sustainably produced.



Monica Bogar • Lahaina, Maui
Nāpili FLO Farm started off as simply a farm which, after the birth of her son, founder Monica turned into a sustainable, organic urban farm. Today, Nāpili FLO Farm offers vegan, all-natural Kimchi and fermented products to wholesale and retail clients alike.



Leala Humbert & Blaine Kusler • Kamuela, Hawaiʻi
Ua Body is the continuation of a legacy natural skincare line our family formulated 30 years ago on the Island of Hawai’i. Meaning rain in Hawaiian, Ua speaks to the nurturing and healing effect of nature.


Dante Valentino & William Davis • Kihei, Maui
VITALITEA HAWAI`I is proudly made on the beautiful island of MAUI by local craft brewers in search of balance. We are on a mission to craft healthy & delicious kombucha and nitro cold brew coffee utilizing fresh pressed tropical fruits + roots + herbs. 



Emily Jaime • Honolulu, Oʻahu
YIREH is an ethically-made women’s resort wear brand based on Oahu that focuses on empowering and encouraging women. The brand features versatile and effortless styles for everyday wear in one-of-a-kind prints.



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