Haku Collective

May 26, 2020

Haku Collective started as a full-service music, audio, and talent production group, but has since expanded to create an extended product suite offering apparel, accessories, home goods and more.

The mission of Haku Collective is to support Hawai’i-based artists in their musical endeavors through production, publishing, product, and mentorship opportunities. Haku Collective works with artists who are reaching across genres and driving the evolution of Hawaiian music and Hawaiian sound today. Establishedbyartistsforartists, Haku is united by their shared love of music and their community, with hopes to guide a new generation of aspiring talent through their mentorship efforts as well as create a collaborative environment for established creatives to thrive. 

More about the Mentorship opportunities: Haku MeleCraft mentorship program aims to teach young aspiring artists in Hawai’i how to create quality songs and remain authentic to themselves through the ever changing soundscape of music today by connecting them with established artists as mentors. 

Since Haku Collective debuted their first Melecraft Bootcamp in 2017, a FREE creative youth workshop led by founder Kimié Miner, they’ve had four successful classes including their most recent one with Henry Kapono. With the help of artists like renowned drummer/ producer Leslie Ludiazo, recording artist Paula Fuga, and songwriter Ashley Lilinoe/ Haku has mentored over 50 young artists ages 13-25 in a series of writing and performing exercises to hone their skills and give them the tools to enhance their confidence as aspiring performers and songwriters.