Nāpili FLO Farm

May 28, 2020

Nāpili FLO Farm started off as simply a farm - a means for founder, Monica Bogar, to build a new life as a full time mom. When her boy Maddox was born, Monica was not keen on her boy being raised by others while she trudged off to a traditional job. Instead, she decided to turn her family property into a sustainable, organic urban farm.

Today, Nāpili FLO Farm offers vegan, all natural Kimchi and fermented products to wholesale and retail clients alike. At the 2020 Good Food Awards, Nāpili FLO Farm was awarded first place in two categories for their Pineapple-Ginger-Tumeric Sauerkraut and “Gut Shots”, - the only Maui company to secure such a win. 

Despite their rapid growth, they remain committed to sourcing 100% locally. Central to their mission is supporting other local farmers and never forgetting their why: To make our community healthier without compromising the earth.