Ao Organics

May 26, 2020

Ao Organics Hawaii was founded in 2017 when founder Chelsa was pregnant with her third keiki. She began by creating organic reef-safe sunscreen with the intention of creating a safer product for her children. When she learned what a difference it would make for our environment to use reef-safe sunscreen over chemical sunscreens, she felt it was not just something she was meant to do but her kuleana, as a native Hawaiian, to protect this place we call home and educate others while doing what she loves. 

When she chose the name of her business, Ao Organics, everything she created was to be just that, from Ao, from our Earth. “Safe for my keiki, safe for your Ohana (family), and safe for our Ao (earth)”. 

Our mission is to protect and preserve our precious skin, our loved ones, and our Ao [earth] with sustainable and cleaner skincare products. Our vision is to create organic and natural skincare products that are accessible and affordable to every individual, while supporting other local businesses, sourcing local ingredients whenever possible, keeping the environment chemical-free, and minimizing the use of plastic packaging.