Jules + Gem Hawaiʻi

May 29, 2020

Jules + Gem Hawai’i is a locally made candle and fragrance shop created by Lana Gronwald in 2017.  Born and raised in Hawai’i, Lana was always inspired by the fruit she grew up eating here in the islands. She began creating candles with fruit instead of floral fragrances, for her own enjoyment. What started as a hobby eventually turned into a thriving business. Every fragrance is carefully chosen and crafted to resemble the exact scent of the fruits for which the candle is named after. Lana is elated when consumers note how closely the scents resemble the fruits. Every single Jules + Gem candle is a one-of-a-kind piece, poured by hand, in Hawai’i.  Since launching its flagship candle product line, Jules + Gem Hawaii now also produces reed diffusers, room sprays and other flameless fragrance products.  Every fragrance product is created especially for those desiring to reflect on the enjoyable moments spent in the Hawaiian Islands -- whether visiting or living local!