DFS Hawai`i and Mana Up Launch Partnership to Support Local-Based Companies

October 31, 2018


DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, and Hawaiʻi business accelerator Mana Up are excited to announce the launch of a creative, new and innovative partnership to support the growth of authentic Hawaiʻi products’ appeal to a global audience. DFS Hawaiʻi and Mana Up endeavor to assist local companies by connecting businesses to their customers locally as well as providing access to markets worldwide.

DFS Hawaiʻi and Mana Up have a perfect opportunity to combine the retail presence of DFS Hawaiʻi with authentic local brands to showcase the many unique aspects of Hawaiʻi’s place and culture.

Joining Mana Up as a founding partner, DFS opens the doors to retail by providing unparalleled sales opportunities and merchandising support and expertise. As part of its partnership, DFS will provide special in- store features for products that have participated in Mana Up’s accelerator program, as well as tastings and promotional events. DFS Hawaiʻi has created an on-boarding program to help companies scale up, adding new product to its DFS Hawaiʻi stores and enabling expansion to international locations.

“At DFS we continually seek to offer our traveling customers new, memorable and exciting retail experiences and we are delighted to join with Mana Up’s brands to provide access to the best quality and authenticity for our discerning traveling customers,” said Megan Escamilla, Managing Director DFS Hawaiʻi. “We are also passionate about supporting our community and are proud to provide a platform and mentorships to local companies to help them grow.”

“This comprehensive partnership is a remarkable demonstration of DFS’ commitment to Hawaiʻi and to the success of Mana Up’s entrepreneurs,” said Meli James, who is Mana Up co-founder along with Brittany Heyd. “We are thrilled that DFS retail and merchandising experts will participate regularly as mentors and workshop leaders, contributing their talents toward the long term success of the brands they work with,” she added.

“We are excited to see this innovative collaboration helping our local economy, including creating global exposure for companies based in Hawaiʻi. As more locally owned businesses grow, the effect on the economy can be substantial including new job creation, increased in state spending, increased tax revenue and more charitable support,” said Luis Salaviera, Director of the Department of Business, Economic Development, and T ourism.

DFS Hawaiʻi and Mana Up will launch at TGalleria by DFS Hawaiʻi on November 2, 2018.

For more information or to register for the event, please visit www.manaupholidayshowcase.eventbrite.com


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT:Piia M. Aarma | TEL (808) 221-2102 | EMAIL: piia@pineappletweed.com