Shop Gorgeous Homewares From New Hawai‘i Interior Design Firm Averylily

November 06, 2023

Shop Gorgeous Homewares From New Hawai‘i Interior Design Firm Averylily

Lily Kanter and Avery Solmssen team up on an exciting new homewares brand that keeps community at the forefront.


Hale Mauna Kitchen Photo Henry Houghton

Hale Mauna kitchen. Photo: Henry Houghton


All it took was a tour of Hale Mauna for Lily Kanter to know she had to meet the creative behind its design. Some quick history: If Kanter’s name rings a bell, it’s probably because she’s one of the namesakes behind mega-popular homewares brand Serena & Lily. As it turns out, the Hawai‘i Island property, which has since become her family’s home, was the work of Honolulu interior designer Avery Solmssen, formerly of Philpotts Interiors.


Hale Mauna Guest Bedroom Photo Henry Houghton

Hale Mauna guest bedroom. Photo: Henry Houghton

A friendship quickly grew out of the pair’s collaborations. “She asked me to add more color and pattern to her home, or to ‘Lily-fy it,’ as I say, and we hit it off immediately,” Solmssen says. As in the case of Serena & Lily, Kanter recognized that the balance of their talents could make for a great partnership. “I get so much joy from decorating and designing my home, but my strengths are in entrepreneurship, bringing ideas to life,” Kanter says.

Avery Solmssen And Lily Kanter

Avery Solmssen (left) and Lily Kanter (right). Photos: Courtesy of Averylily

The result is the Averylily Home Collection, Kanter and Solmssen’s joint venture that offers “move-in basics”—bedding, bath, tabletop pieces, home décor and beach towels—ranging in price from $48 to $899. Its aesthetic takes cues from the energy and natural surroundings of the Islands. Boldly patterned pillows created with artist Andrew Mau are an early standout. “Everything we do is with the mission to create deeply memorable, soulful environments,” Solmssen says. 

Averylily Homeinspo 2 Kenna Reed

Photo: Kenna Reed

Most importantly, the pair’s shared values inspired a company ethos focused on community. “Our intent is to hire local talent, use local materials and give back by investing 10% of profits to local organizations that support sheltering those in need,” Solmssen says.

In hopes of building an environment in which local creatives can thrive, they tandemly created Averylily Design Studio, which specializes in full-service interior design for new-builds and renovations. “So many talented young designers are getting their education on the mainland and have nothing to come back to in Hawai‘i in terms of opportunity,” Kanter says. “We want to foster a design community right here in Hawai‘i.” 

Be the first to snag some of the Averylily Home Collection at its launch during the Mana Up showcase at Nordstrom on Nov. 9; the label is among the accelerator’s 2023 cohort of companies. Products will also be available online and at select boutiques throughout Hawai‘i, including House of Mana Up., @averylilystudio

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