Our Vision

Scaling the Hawai'i brand and creating industry built to last.



Our vision is to fuel an economic growth engine for Hawai'i through entrepreneurship that can lead to high paying, executive level jobs for locals. We believe that the creators of Hawai'is economy can make this happen through products authentically rooted in Hawai'i and that integrate the Hawai'i brand in their story, leveraging some of Hawai'i's biggest strengths. 


Hawai'i's brand is globally loved and the demand for Hawai’i products is abundant. Yet out of this $29 billion retail market, only 10% of it comes from local companies because of our location and high cost of business. We want to make it possible for local companies to succeed here.

Meanwhile, global trends show consumers demanding authentic products and experiences -- consumers who will flip over the package to learn about the founder or the ingredients of the product.  Combined with the growing love for Hawai’i and record number tourist counts, this presents a huge opportunity for local Hawai’i companies to take back market share.

Mana Up aims to uplift those local product entrepreneurs, help them tell their stories, and find customers globally.

how we get there

We are working to build the state's next 100 CEOs running product companies earning over $10 million in annual revenue and based here in Hawai'i. 

Our programs include a 12-week accelerator focused on scaling local product businesses and an e-commerce platform selling Hawaiʻi products to customers globally. 

We exist to help Hawai'i companies become global companies, bringing to the world what really makes Hawaiʻi special. 

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