Swiss Inn

Savory Vinaigrette

No Sugar. No Dairy.

Swiss and Hawaii - how does that happen? Many years ago our Uncle Martin Wyss immigrated to our beautiful archipelago from Switzerland and brought along a few family recipes. He settled in paradise, teamed up with his wife and her younger sister, and together they opened the iconic Swiss Inn family restaurant in Niu Valley Shopping Center.

From 1982-2000 the restaurant built a reputation as one of the best places in Honolulu for a family to enjoy high quality authentic Swiss cuisine.

Today we keep the tradition alive by crafting the original house dressing from the restaurant - Swiss Inn Dressing.

From our 'ohana to yours, we are honored to be able to share our original salad dressing with the next generation. We are Hawaiʻi’s own, Swiss Inn Dressing. Classic. Awesome. ʻOnolicious goodness.