Big Island Coffee Roasters

Espresso Bites Bar

Made from 100% Ka'u coffee, this irresistibly rich and creamy edible espresso looks like dark chocolate, but it contains no chocolate at all. Using a similar artisan process that bean-to-bar chocolatiers use for making dark chocolate, Espresso Bites marries the skills of roasting coffee with that of making chocolate.

Trying to imagine what it tastes like? Think dark chocolate covered berries meets creamy butterscotch, dense fudge, salted caramel, and, of course, roasted coffee.

Take it traveling, blend it with hot milk, and use it as coffee-on-the-go when good coffee is hard to come by.

This Big Island Coffee Roasters bar is grown, roasted and made in Hawai'i with local Ka'u coffee and organic ingredients.

Each bar is 1.5 oz and contains 3 espresso shots of caffeine.