Community Digital Resource Hub

Aloha kākou!

Calling all small local businesses who are looking to get their businesses online!

We've collaborated with Hawai'i-born-and-raised Accenture consultants Nick Akiona, Michelle Condry, April LeBlanc, Kelly Mok, and Steven Yanagi to compile some web learning resources to help Hawai'i small businesses get ramped up with a working digital presence/strategy. 

To learn up about Amazon E-Commerce, Canva, Email Campaigns, Google Analytics, Website Design, and Yelp for Business, please click on the links below.

For a general estimation of how much time you should expect to dedicate to implementing each digital tool, click here.  

Happy learning! Let us know if you have any feedback at: 

Shopify Building Your Brand:

Shopify Art of Storytelling:

Shopify Leveraging Reports & Analytics:

Amazon E-Commerce:


Canva (Content Creation):


Email Campaigns:

Google Analytics:

Website Design:

Yelp for Business: