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We are proud to partner with top established Hawai'i brands who are committed to ushering in the next generation of leaders. Thanks to their support, we are able to provide a world-class program for companies based here in Hawai'i.


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As both an educator and investor in our community, Kamehameha Schools sees entrepreneurship and business ownership as a strong career option that needs a more viable pathway for students and young adults. Through Mana Up, we are investing in key capacity-building critical for the success and growth of Native Hawaiian-owned businesses whose success will model what’s possible for others.
— Lauren Nahme, Kamehameha Schools
Through working with and investing in local food entrepreneurs, we’ve seen the many challenges they face when growing companies here in Hawaii. Mana Up seeks to tackle those challenges in innovative ways and we’re looking forward to supporting this key area of our economy.
— Murray Clay, Ulupono Initiative
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