Big Island Coffee Roasters

Kona Bloom Coffee | 100% Kona Coffee

Extra Fancy is the highest grade of Kona coffee available, and a finer coffee than Kona grades Fancy, Prime, #1, or "Estate" (which is typically a blend). Kona's top grades (Extra Fancy & Fancy) are allowed fewer defect beans than lower grades, with Extra Fancy being permitted the fewest. Here's what this means for you: you'll experience Extra Fancy Kona Coffee as being sweeter, smoother, brighter, buttery and far more consistent. It's also the largest bean-size available, comprising a mere 10-20% of the total crop.

It's important to note that you won't find this grading system in other regions of Hawai'i - it applies only to coffees grown in Kona, because the size of the bean is partly a result of the environment, in addition to the variety (Maui-grown coffee beans are much smaller on average, for instance).

Providing you with the highest grade of Kona coffee available - Extra Fancy - is a reflection of our commitment to provide only the best coffees in Hawaii, selected after rigorously cupping (tasting) coffees from several different farmers in each region, each year.

You'll find this Kona Bloom XF to have bright, plush, floral peachy tones, rich with flavors of toffee, honey butter, and cacao, and supported by a silky mouthfeel.

We suggest serving it black, via pour over or auto drip, and pairing it with light flaky pastries, fresh fruit tarts, or Belgian waffles.