Big Island Coffee Roasters

Ka'u Morning Glory | 100% Ka'u Coffee

Each year Big Island Coffee Roasters cup dozens of coffees from different farms in Ka'u covering the three primary growing areas within Ka'u: Cloud's Rest, Wood Valley, and Pear Tree. They look for coffees with high levels of caramel-like sweetness, roasted nuts (often pecans or hazelnuts), and notes of apricot or peach.

The combination ripe-red harvesting and skillful washed processing makes this buttery-sweet Kaʻu coffee an absolute knockout.

Tasting notes: Pecan, caramel, vanilla, nougat; long, juicy finish

Origin: Ka’u District, Big Island
Varietal: typica, caturra
Processing: washed

Roast: medium
Perfect for: lovers of juicy, lively, sweet coffees; filter, pour over, french press; pair with cinnamon rolls