Working on a holistically managed ranch in Colorado, Jack Beuttell was convinced that livestock can be managed as a tool to build soil and reverse climate change. Hawaii presented the perfect context to apply holistic thinking across the value chain—to build soil, preserve open space, utilize renewable energy, support local jobs, and produce a healthy meat alternative to the feedlot system. Kunoa Cattle Company embodies these opportunities in all of their practices in the islands.

Kunoa emphasizes the importance of healthy land and cattle-- where nutrient rich soil is the foundation to a successful ecosystem and healthy animals. Cattle thrive on a diverse diet of grasses, forbs, sedges, shrubs, grains, and even trees while roaming the pasture. However today, commercial cattle spend their last several months of life in confined feeding operations, gaining weight on a diet predominantly absent of grass. Their commitment to land stewardship and healthy animals aims to honor the culture of Hawaii, building a sustainable future for the Hawaiian Islands.