After years working at top jewelry and fashion brands, Alice Kim left the corporate world and founded Elizabeth Mott. She left Manhattan for a radically different island experience: Hawai'i where she moved with her boyfriend, now husband, Viraphanh, who grew up in Hawai'i. Surrounded by translucent waters and nature’s vast treasures, Alice drew inspiration from Hawai'i’s diverse ecosystems, native plants, rich culture and Aloha spirit. In 2015, she founded Hanalei with her husband, to bring the experience of Hawaiian beauty to people everywhere through simple,restorative skincare.

Hanalei creates gentle skincare products, inspired by Hawai'i’s lush, tropical landscape and native botanicals. Made with treasured tropical ingredients ranging from pressed kukui nut oil, aloe, papaya, lavender and raw cane sugar, our unique formulations are perfect for everyday use and for any skin type.