To Be Organics crafts all-natural bath, body and home products

June 04, 2024

Ever since she was a child, Karli Rose Wilson has had very sensitive skin. Things as common as laundry detergent, soap, and perfume would trigger migraines or have her breaking out in hives. 

To combat the issue, Wilson began creating her own all-natural products.

“Crafting my own products with natural and organic ingredients alleviated every symptom, and formulating [these items] became my passion,” she recalled.

But in working in the salon and spa industry, Wilson noticed that she wasn’t the only one with such issues.

“I witnessed clients exhibiting similar struggles. Despite my efforts to offer ‘natural’ professional products, they still contained questionable ingredients that irritated my skin,” she said. "Introducing some of my homemade remedies in my salon, my clients embraced them wholeheartedly, and thus To Be Organics was started.”

The Maui-based brand offers lip and skincare products, bath and body products, and other items such as candles and perfume oils — all of which are hand-crafted and 100% natural.

To Be Organics
To Be Organics features lip and skincare products, bath and body products, and more.

To Be Organics conducts online sales nationally and internationally, and has wholesale retail clients throughout the state and across the country. It also has its own brick-and-mortar location in Wailuku.

“[At the Wailuku store], you can experience the aromas, sample our offerings, and witness firsthand the creation of each product. It's truly a realization of our dreams, and the joy of welcoming our local customers adds the perfect finishing touch,” said Wilson, who co-owns the company with her husband, Michael.

As part of Mana Up’s Cohort 9, Wilson said her goal is to propel To Be Organics to “new heights.”

“I'm eager to collaborate with mentors to chart the best course forward,” she said. “I'm open and prepared to work closely with them to elevate To Be to its fullest potential. 

“In a year, I envision To Be Organics thriving, expanding nationally and potentially internationally, through strategic partnerships and online presence. I plan to diversify our product line this summer, offering haircare, all crafted with the same dedication to purity and efficacy. Our commitment to transparency and quality will hopefully earn us recognition as a trusted industry leader.”

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