Level Up Your Digital Marketing Workshops, May 27-29, 2020

June 09, 2020

A big MAHALO to the local entrepreneurs and businesses who participated in our “Level Up Your Digital Marketing” workshop series, led by Kahuna Marketing and made possible by the profits from House of Mana Up and a matched donation by King's Hawaiian

Over the course of three workshops, we hosted:

  • 435 unique attendees
  • 467 questions asked and answered live
  • 6 hours of content

Kahuna Marketing is designated as a Google Premier Partner Agency - and is ranked in the top 1.5% of Google advertisers. Ship, Jake, and Melanie of Kahuna Marketing provided concrete strategies, trends, and tips/tricks surrounding digital marketing and growing e-commerce sales.

  • Day One focused on an overview of Digital Marketing - the landscape, the go-to low-cost tools, and a framework for approaching your digital marketing strategy for your unique company.
  • Day Two discussed Organic Traffic - the most effective and efficient ways to connect more people to your website - without spending a dime!  
  • Day Three gave tips and tricks on paid marketing, providing an approachable roadmap for companies to use their marketing budget wisely (no matter the budget size) - and how to measure success.

Missed the series? Below highlights some key action items that attendees could implement right away - after each day: 

  • Key Action Items from Day One: 
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Trends
    • Setting advertising goals based of individual company characteristics and data
  • Key Action Items from Day Two: 
    • yourdomain.com/robots.txt
    • Google Chrome extensions to gain insight into company analytics
    • Utilizing MOZ’s Free Domain SEO Analysis Tool
  • Key Action Items from Day Three: 
    • Tips and tricks on paid marketing, including Google Ads
    • Advertisement strategies
    • Using the Keyword Planner and Recommendation feature on Google Ads.


Here are some of our attendees responses to the workshop series:

This was a fascinating workshop and it was so insightful to learn about the tools available for identifying effective keywords and match types along with all the help that Google actually provides us to get started.”

“My favorite thing was hearing all of the incredibly great questions from the group, and their answers - this is a testament to the caliber of attendees that Mana Up chose to be a part of this. I learned so much from Ship, but I also learned so much from the answers he provided the other people that asked those questions, as they were questions I should be asking or could grow from learning the answers to.” 

"There are so many things that I learned- but I think from an emotional stand point I like the first pic you shared with us, of your daughter on the trail. That's how I've felt recently with my business -out there alone, a little bit on the edge -not knowing where I might be going and how to navigate this new world. It made me feel connected. Thank you."

Companies who attended all three workshops were entered to win a 6-week consulting sessionswith Kahuna Marketing. Congratulations to our ten consulting giveaway winners!!











Mahalo nui loa to Kahuna Marketing, King’s Hawaiian, and shoppers of House of Mana Up for making this series possible. And of course one last mahalo to all of our participants for their active engagement, questions, and dedication to sharing their products and services with the Hawai'i community!