Tiana Becker Gamble – Owner of Bikini Bird; Sales Representative at OLUKAI South Pacific Sales

Tiana started her career in fashion and design at an early age. Working in retail at 14 years old, she knew she wanted to be in the fashion industry. After attending Loyola Marymount, Tiana worked in sales as a representative for multiple clothing lines in Southern California and Hawai‘i. In 2002 she was recruited to the design team of a fast-growing action sports company where she was the merchandising design manager. In that position she managed the women’s and children’s clothing line and oversaw the design, sourcing and sales development internationally. In 2010, she decided to move back to Hawai‘i to start a family. She was inspired by the beach lifestyle and saw a blog as an excellent way to connect with consumers. Three years later, with the success of the online blog, she created an online store. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter and traveling whenever possible.