Ed Schultz – Owner and President of Honolulu Coffee Company

Ed Schultz is the owner and president of Honolulu Coffee Company, the only “farm to cup” coffee company in the world, focused on growing, roasting and serving Kona Coffee. Kona coffee is one of the rarest coffees available, representing less than 1 percent of the arabica coffee grown across the globe.

Founded in 1992, the company has grown from one small kiosk in downtown Honolulu to 35 retail locations and cafes in Hawaii and around the world. Ed and his team are dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee roasting and customer experience, and continually work on perfecting their craft.  

Ed attributes their growth to three factors: 1) well-developed points of differentiation, 2) efficient use of capital and 3) continual focus on quality over competing for the lowest price point.

When developing their strategic plan in 2008, they focused on the following:

  • A unique story competitors could not easily copy: “farm to cup”
  • Highly skilled baristas: 2011 United States Barista champion
  • Great branding and café environment: Creates customer passion